[The TRUE RATE should show up on the CBI website any day! That website…has been empty…the remittance of their auctions and the rate.]

Yes…it’s been empty.

The remittances are a wire-transfer.

They used to have a manual form.

In the past if I wanted to send you 1 million dollars…I would have to fill out this form…give it to the CBI…with 24 hour notice…etc.

Now…because of IBAN…for the last 6-7 days…the CBI doesn’t have to do things manually anymore. All electronic.

We’re just waiting for the NEW RATE.

Saddam manipulated the numbers. …

Dr. Shabibi…he said they that wanted to get around $2.80.

The rate…if you go back to the 70’s and 80’s it was $2.80.

$2.80 was planned by Shabibi and the CBI a long time ago.