Decrease in the number and value of shares traded on the Iraq Stock Exchange

Assured the Executive Director of the Iraqi market for securities, Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam, said on Sunday that the market registered a decline in the number and value of shares traded in the past week.

She said Abdul Salam, in a statement, “The number of shares traded last week amounted to 11 billion shares in exchange for 22 billion shares for the week before dropping (47.86%), while the value of shares traded last week (12) billion dinars, compared to (16) billion dinars for the week before dropping (26.07%). ”

Abdul Salam said that “the number of transactions executed last week was the (1794) deal in return (2089) Deal of the Week, which was accepted with closed market index ISX 60 in the last session of the week b (702.32) low points (2.85%) all closed for the week, which was accepted when closed at (722.95) points. ”

He explained that “Iraq Stock Exchange systems during the week ending on the sixteenth of the current March five trading sessions in the formal market and the second the market and the number of listed companies in the market (97) as a contribution to the company (70) companies listed in the formal market and (27) Company listed in the second market deliberated during the meetings this past week of (54) in the formal market, and (3) companies in the second market to become the number of stalled companies from trading for failing to submit annual disclosure and quarterly Authority and the market (14) company while the total number of shares listed on the market (9.734) trillion shares. ”

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