There is some real interesting stuff…going on in Iraq over the last 4 or 5 days. Their election for Prime Minister was Saturday. …about…4 days prior to the Election Day, they were busy, the military and some of the other people who were chosen, to help set up billboards and increased the number of billboards in Iraq …and they added a number of digital billboards to that number and came up with just under 8,000 total.

You say So What. What was on the digital billboards was pictures of the lower denominations and …they also had a rate of the dinar as compared to the US Dollar….whether it was a 5, 10, 20, etc….It had a relative value in US Dollars. So someone could look up and say Hey, we got a new value for our dinar and there it is and it is compared to the US Dollar.

The morning of the voting…the Baghdad Province billboards were revealed. They were exposed where people could see that the dinar had value and they could see the value of it before they voted. So they knew under Abadi the dinar had revalued…
Also at that time which was Sunday, the first business day of the week over there, they were able to begin to use the ATM machines, and see the lower denominations and have it up and running. Where that was sort of the big reveal so the people would know the value and the rate in country, evidently it still hasn’t been put out for the international world to know it yet…
We know what the rate is. We know that all the rates populated back on the screens as of Sunday night on the bank screens.  …We are ready to get started. …We are in the process now of waiting for our turn again. …It is quite possible we can go anytime in the next couple of days…We are not trying to call it. I am just trying to say it seems based on everything I am getting we are finally ready.

Jester’s Place
Judy Byington