BGG Newstime 12-11-2015 Part 3 of 3

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BGG  Newstime  12-11-2015  Part 3 of 3

?CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    Economist: Central steps are useless and should be eliminated currency auction 12/12/2015
CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    He Economists, on Friday, that the steps the central bank to reduce the amount of funds sold through the daily currency auction is useless in the control of corruption and the smuggling of currency outlets, calling for an economic plan that limit the trading of foreign currency within government institutions and the abolition of the daily bank to sell the dollar auction.

 Said economist Mustafa Mohamed Habib said in an interview for “term” that “reducing the amounts sold by the central bank does not necessarily mean control of multiple embezzlement outlets and smuggling money the country abroad.”

 He added that “an elaborate economic plan under which the study of the actual need for the local market of the dollar, which is converted to import consumer goods on a daily basis and limited to foreign currency to the country’s economic institutions, represented by the Central Bank.

Doodle Brain says to diagyAAAE   China
BGG says to diagyAAAE   (Millionday) 😀
Doodle Brain says to diagyAAAE   :S

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    “He said the” stop the auction may cause increased demand for the dollar, which makes dollar higher against the dinar, but my time high does not exceed three months at the latest, thus stabilizing the market according to price certain strengthening of the national currency. “

Doodle Brain says to BGG  (y)

diagyAAAE says   Who Just Joined the IMF?

Imperator says    meanwhile Americans are buying fireams at a faster pace than even when Clinton was President! lol

diagyAAAE says    WB

TONYV says    BGG: Do you believe Ramadi and Mosul must be secure before an RV can happen?

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    “the sale amounts transferred to the accounts of banks abroad the price is 1187 dinars per dollar, including the commission of the Central Bank of $ 21 dinars per dollar, while cash sales price of 1190 dinars per dollar including the commission of the Central Bank of $ 24 dinars per dollar.

 The governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords announced in the third of last March, the new regulations set by the Bank is that the auction is no longer a daily window of operations for the sale of currency auctions, noting that the new mechanisms developed to sell this currency and especially that of its functions to provide currency for foreign trade.”

BGG says to TONYV    No – do you?

Nadita says    Tony… Ramadi and Mosul are done 🙂

mimi3 says to BGG    will we see a green christmas?


TONYV says    BGG: Not sure, that’s why I asked.

quicktolegit96 says    MIMI USUALLY A WHITE ONE…..LOL

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG  LINK

Nadita says    BGG… make sure you have a backup server 🙂

mimi3 says to quicktolegit96   no not here

Doodle Brain says to Nadita    and a busboy too!
Doodle Brain says to Nadita    bussboy
Doodle Brain says to Nadita    a Chef, a Driver and an Assistant!

BGG says to TONYV    Did you know Mosul used to burn Christians to light the night??

Nadita says    Doodle LOL otherwise poor mods 🙂

BGG says to TONYV    Why do you think Jonah didn’t want to go there??

TONYV says    BGG: No, very sad….

BGG says to TONYV    he HATED them

puffdragon says to Doodle Brain    Better throw in that body guard !!:D

Nadita says    BGG.. and he ended in the belly of the whale

Risk says to BGG    So did Nero

Imperator says   for quite some tim iraqi banks were not taking a commission on the dinars we

Doodle Brain says to puffdragon   (y)

BGG says to Nadita    my point is – God didn’t forget.

Imperator says    maybe the 1182 is a catchup rate

Nadita says    BGG.. yes

BGG says to Nadita    and I make no prefession of understanding anything.

satrib says    oh cool….news with BGG

mimi3 says to satrib    I know I love it!

TONYV says    BGG: Now I understand.

Nadita says    BGG… not trying to put you on the spot… 🙂 and won’t hold you under the gun.. you think we are very close like at the front door…???

quicktolegit96 says    ASN?
mimi3 says    or at least on the sidewalk:D

maine says    how about a strategy if it comes out low

BGG says to Nadita    Mosul is the capital of the province of Ninevah… likely the biblical Ninevah.

Nadita says    mimi3… no that is too far lol

mimi3 says to Nadita    I agree!

Nadita says    BGG.. yep and God forgave them and Jonah got mad at God..

puffdragon says to BGG    See how you stir things up !!:D

Baxter1243 says    If that dam bursts… there wont be any Mosul…. be under about 20 feet of water

BGG says to Nadita    not exactly in that order.

Nadita says    BGG.. you think Iraq and Iran are the towers of Babel…?

Imperator says    its a fascinating history, and historically a wealthy people

diagyAAAE says to puffdragon    Thats the Holy Spirit my nrother…
diagyAAAE says to puffdragon    b rother’

BGG says to Nadita    Jonah was mad – that he had to go there.
BGG says to Nadita    God forgave them after…

Nadita says    BGG… the people of Nineveh repented

diagyAAAE says to puffdragon    Where 2 or 3 are gathered, there IAM

quicktolegit96 says    SO WE ARE AT THE DOORBELL…

BGG says to Nadita    exactly.
Babe says    prefer a green one
Babe says    Christmas 

Nadita says    quick.. the door is open, please come in lol

CanTWaitwoRV says to quicktolegit96    lookin that way

BGG says    I think I already made my points – and I think you all get it…

puffdragon says to diagyAAAE    Is that why Millionday nick named BGG, BFF !

Imperator says   i am in Florida its always a green Christmas

quicktolegit96 says    SO THE SKINNY OF THINGS……….

Nadita says    imperator.. I like white Christmas…

diagyAAAE says    LOL Dont ask me

Nadita says    I am dreaming of a white christmas with lots of greens and reds..

Imperator says    me too Nadita

quicktolegit96 says    NAD AS LONG AS YOU GOT RUM AND EGG NOGG

Nadita says   and make it soon so I can go shopping lol
Nadita says   quick.. better than that

BGG says to puffdragon:  or it could be the G and the F are right next to each other… (lol) TYPO!!

diagyAAAE says():  HAHHA possibly

Babe says  been living in the panhandle for the past few years….super cold…will be in Port Lavaca….warm and green

BGG says  OK gang – That’s it for me…

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