BGG Newstime 12-11-2015 Part 2 of 3

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BGG  Newstime  12-11-2015  Part 2 of 3

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    The Ministry of Planning, Monday, for the controls and mechanisms for the implementation of new and ongoing investment projects in a manner postpaid and to be adopted within the next year’s budget in 2016.

He said ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi said in a statement that representatives of the Ministries of Planning and Finance, and in consultation with the Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister acknowledged the controls that will be adopted in the implementation of projects on credit, which stressed that the implementation of projects in this way is for projects developed in accordance with Article 26 of the Budget Law for 2015, taking into consideration ongoing in the draft 2016 budget projects and include text

BGG says to wmawhite    That is a most interesting point…

Nadita says    BGG.. what are you going to do when this rv..? and the chat is overloaded…

 BGG says to wmawhite    What do they need??

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG  click here for more:…ink/87400.html

wmawhite says to BGG   Of course, a currency…………but to do what? Conduct business.

diagyAAAE says    Lets just hope that what they DONT need is more “time”.

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    and we know MOP been working off 1.13 via their feasibility studies since 2011 I believe or 2012

BGG says to Nadita    No – I don’t, the rate is where it has always been – the CBI, when it is time… they will change it.

Nadita says    BGG.. the goose is cooked and ready to be carved..

wmawhite says to BGG    And IMO,……..this is truly where we are today…..we have been told what to expect by the IMF.

Baxter1243 says    Question: Does Iraq have to be in Article 8… to have an international currency?
Nadita says    BGG.. don’t you think the rate has been set long time ago and now they are just rolling the list one by one so doesn’t shock their people to brain freeze

Imperator says    i think theynwill be in Article 8 WHEN they have international currency.

Nadita says    Bax I thought they need tradeable currency to be in article 8

BGG says to Nadita    No – my next point is…

katkat says    BGG, are tariffs still to be imposed on Dec 15?

wmawhite says to Baxter1243    The IMF’s Article 8 is to the world’s financial institutions the “Good House Keeping Seal of approval”.

Nadita says    BGG… you put me at the edge of my seat lol

BGG says to Nadita   I said long ago – when it is time – they will just “magically” be in compliance…

puffdragon says to Imperator    Thats what my understanding is RV equals article 8 !
Imperator says    i agree BGG

Nadita says    BGG.. in other words.. the rate has been there and whoala.. they pull the rabbit out of the hat
BGG says    no one listened… (as per usual)
Nadita says    BGG.. we kinda have selective hearing lol

BGG says    not even (especially) Mike…

Doodle Brain says    THEY ARE COMPLIANT!

wmawhite says to Baxter1243    The CBi could release their currency today but it may very well not go anywhere because the IMF has not given it their blessing.

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Baxter1243 says    wma.. exactly

BGG says     then – when it’s time – they start selling the Dinar for 1182 – NO ONE SAW THAT COMING.

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    ya…the creators of QE can make anything evaporate when ready


Imperator says    go figure

diagyAAAE says    For the record, QUICK doesnt listen lol

BGG says    of all the scenarios anyone could have dreamed up – who would think they would sell Dinar for less?? Guess what – it makes things work…

wmawhite says to BGG(    Very True…….NO ANNOUNCEMENTS either!!!!

RickeyT says to BGG    so you are saying they are in a float now?

BGG says    AND… think this over…

quicktolegit96 says    RICKEY I DO LOL

BGG says    they are selling it for 1182 NOT 1166..

Nadita says    BGG… Iraq is good in slipping in things lol

Imperator says to wmawhite    the IMF gave them a to do list. when that is accomplsihed the blessing will follow.


Nadita says    imperator.. you got it right

wmawhite says to Imperator    I believe you are correct.and that is what the MoU is all about too.

Nadita says    quick.. I like Frank… he is goofy and make me laugh so hard with his singing lol

Imperator says    and that is very exciting

BGG says    They are basically giving 16 Dinar per Dollar AWAY – why??

Nadita says    imperator.. how far are they in the list you think..?

RickeyT says to BGG    spread

Nadita says    BGG.. to add value to dinar… more dinar in USD

Imperator says    thats a great question Nadita

Doodle Brain says    because the IMF is controlling them now?

BGG says to Nadita    if you ever hear me sing – HANG UP!!

Imperator says    i think it will be revealed only when its a 100%

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    time to get the rest of the dollars off the streets get them to start using their own imo

BGG says    wrong – wrong and wrong…

diagyAAAE says    lo9l

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG   heh

Imperator says    i will take them off their hands cantwait

Nadita says    BGG.. hahahahaha… I would wonder what you eat for dinner lol

BGG says to RickeyT    No – (btw)

katkat says    4 days until tariffs???

Royal says    was Millionday in tonight?

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    why would the cbi want to absorb usd for dinars other than getting ready for what katkat just said?

maine says    so it wont be a float?

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV    (hint) – IMF COMPLIANCE!!

Signman says    BGG to get within the 2 percent

katkat says    BGG, if tariffs are imposed at 1182…not good

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV    who is in charge??

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    oh yea I’m past that now lol

Doodle Brain says to Royal   no, she will be in Monday. This why BGG is giving us news tonight!

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    way past that part    🙂

Royal says    Ok Thanks

Doodle Brain says    IMF is controlling what they do now?

Imperator says    BGG is much more interactive lol

BGG says to Signman    now you’re talkin’…

Nadita says    maine.. we have been floating all these years lol at 1166

larrykn says    seems to me they are getting all this done for the big finish 🙂

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    I’ve been saying that for a loooong time

maine says    that was an imposed rate of 1166

Imperator says    i tend to agree Larrykn

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV    then –

Nadita says   maine yep and our floating raft lol


Roths     What They Say Goes….

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV    AMEN… 

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    currency auctions going buh bye it appears
Nadita says    BGG.. IMF gave the okay, Iraq pushes the button

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    🙂

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV    🙂

quicktolegit96 says    OK, SO LAYMAN TERMS…?

cjquade54 says to Nadita    yes weren’t they given the green light?

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV    We will see – I’m not sure which side of the GOI it is that doesn’t like the auctions.

Nadita says    cjq.. yes they did a month ago

mimi3 says to quicktolegit96    yes I agree layman’s terms!

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV    The pros or the cons…

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    gotcha

quicktolegit96 says    I JUST WAS GIVEN A HEADACHE..

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    think I got somethin on that too

Nadita says    mimi3.. in other words.. IMF as a parent has approved the little boy to wear big boy pants

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV    BRING IT!!

Doodle Brain says to quicktolegit96   😀

quicktolegit96 says   NAD LMAO

mimi3 says to Nadita   good 😀

Doodle Brain says to Nadita   (y)
mimi3 says to Nadita    when?
Doodle Brain says to mimi3    Just waiting for Amazon Drone to drop the delivery

BGG says to mimi3    30 days ago – it appears.

quicktolegit96 says    NADITA WHAT BRAND OF PULLUPS?

Nadita says    quick depends lol

Nadita says    mimi3 hopefully next week prior to tariff if they stick to the date

mimi3 says to BGG    hi long time no talk!!:)

BGG says to mimi3    that’s when things started to turn around.

diagyAAAE says    Nathan Rothchild…. IMF…. CBI…. Who runs the world money?

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