What is curious – the market rate is actually a tiny bit stronger… 1212 – and the number they are selling for “appears” weaker… 1182 – the real story here is…in one fell swoop – they just complied with IMF 2% Market/Sell rate guidelineswhich I have said would happen all along…
When it is time – they will “magically” be in compliance… which they are now – BOOM.   …this recent “adjustment” seems a little convenient… they haven’t been able to get that under control – and now, for no identifiable reason – there it is.
BTW – the spread has gotten 2 Dinars better since this “got off the ground” on Dec 1st…  AND – my next “prediction” is – they will be given some “waiver/variance” to IMF regulations… (for instance, the 3 month compliance timeline…).
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