Federal Police Announces New Plan to Storm IS Strongholds in West Mosul

Deputy Commander of the Federal Police, Major General Jaafar al-Battat, announced on Sunday a new military plan for the operation of storming the Old City district in west Mosul, in a bid to finalize the liberation of the entire city.

After the recent cessation of fighting in Mosul due to the large number of civilians, the operation was once again postponed until the completion of military operations to liberate the northern axis of the city.

Al-Battat said only four districts in west Mosul which are Old City, al-Zanjili, al-Shifaa and al-Siha remain under control of the Islamic State (IS) militants.

He also referred to the increase in the number of militants in the Old City after the military operations launched from the northern front led to driving out the militants from a number of neighborhoods namely 17 Tammuz and al-Iqtisaddin.

The operation to oust the IS militants from Mosul began in October of the previous year. Eastern side of the city was declared liberated in January. The offensive advanced into the western side in February.

Source: BasNews

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