Iraqi VP to Iranian Ambassador: Stop Your Intervention in Iraq

In his first meeting with the new Iranian ambassador to Iraq, Iraqi Vice President Ayad al-Allawi demanded Iran to stop its interventions in the Iraq internal affairs.

Elaph news reported that Allawi, who is also the leader of the National Accord, visited Iraj Masjedi in Iranian Embassy on Thursday.

Iraq does not tolerate any more wars, therefore, all the parties should endeavor for stability in the region, Allawi was quoted as saying.

The Iraqi senior official also voiced his willingness to settle the issue of “Tehran’s intrusions in Iraq and the region.”

At the same time, Allawi reiterated the need to strengthen ties with Iran while he referred to the historic relations between Baghdad and Tehran.

In response, Iranian ambassador stressed that his country will continue its support for eradicating terror in Iraq.

This week, Allawi also called for a regional security conference with six neighboring countries, including Iran, to restore stability to the region.

Source: BasNews


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