Peshmerga Planning to Control IS-held Route Between Iraq and Syria

Kurdistan Region Peshmerga forces are planning to control the route used by the Islamic State (IS) militants to move between Iraq and Syria in southwest of Sinjar district, located in north-west of Mosul.

The Peshmerga commanders have plans to cut the IS-held route across the Iraq-Syria border in north-west of Mosul. Halgurd Hikmat, head of the Peshmerga Ministry’s Media Department, told BasNews “it is of immense significance to control the main route between Iraq and Syria which will break the backbone of the militant group.”

Peshmerga has controlled a number of strategic areas in northwest of Mosul, but the main road of Hamdaniya and Tel Afar is yet under IS control.
Deputy of Peshmerga Forces’ Chief of Staff, Salar Mohamed Jabari, told BasNews that the Peshmerga forces are still holding the front lines in some areas, particularly in southern Kirkuk province, namely Hawija district as well as some areas in southern Sinjar.

“We prefer to liberate the entire Sinjar before Hawija,” said the official, explaining that the liberation of entire Sinjar district will completely split the Iraq-Syria border route used by the IS militants, therefore, it is of greater significance to fully control Sinjar before Hawija.

Source: BasNews