Baghdad residents tired of old slogans, want to see new faces in parliament


Some residents of Baghdad, Iraq’s capital, say slogans candidates use are “repetitive” and that nothing has changed since 2003 to help develop the country from a variety of fields.

“These slogans are repeated in every election,” Ghufran Ryaz, a student in Baghdad told Rudaw. “Nothing has been done and no change has been made in the country.”

Election campaigning sees posters and slogans hung over and along the streets. Unlike the enthusiasm of candidates, some voters are concerned about what the future holds for them.

Their experience with past representatives has disappointed them, which is why they are skeptical about the slogans and promises made by the candidates in this election.

Mohammed Majid, a resident of Baghdad, also weighed in, saying “the slogans posted nowadays are from the first, second and third terms of elections. We don’t see any new faces.”

Political parties want to draw the attention of the electorate by nominating personalities and youth of the city, but this has not made a difference in the way people think about elections.

“People should take part in elections,” Sundus Hilali, a candidate running for the Iraqi parliament urged. “They should all participate in this process. They can elect new faces to make a change.”

He added, however, that “some of the old ones are good and pure, but it is a duty for them to choose people who are experienced and honest.”

Nearly 7,000 candidates are vying for 329 seats in the Iraqi parliamentary election on May 12.

Source: Rudaw

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