Baghdad Likely to Cut Entire Budget of Kurdistan for 2018

Iraqi government is expected to withhold the share of Kurdistan Region from the federal budget of 2018.

The Finance Committee of the Iraqi parliament said on Tuesday that the budget of the Kurdistan Region for 2018 will be controversial after the referendum on secession from Iraq.

Hussam al-Eqabi, a member of the committee said that the share of Kurdistan from the budget of 2018 will be subject of disagreement in the Iraqi government and the parliament.

He emphasized that the share of the budget that will help strengthen the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) will be cut.

However, he said they will not withhold the rationing of the people.

The Iraqi government has been withholding the public servants’ salaries in Kurdistan Region since January 2014, a budget share which has been established by Iraq’s Constitution.

Source: BasNews

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