After 27 years .. Export the first shipment of oil through the Iraqi tankers

The Ministry of Oil announced the direct loading and export of the first shipment of crude oil through the southern ports after a halt of nearly 3 decades.
The company’s general manager Hussein Allawi said that this step, which comes under the guidance to restore the activity of the Iraqi tanker company in the transfer of crude and oil derivatives to all parts of the world, and the company plans to build a fleet of integrated giant tankers remodel the company as a national carrier.
Allawi said that the company has signed a number of cooperation agreements with the Arab Shipping Company in a step to build the sector, which has been suspended since 1991, including transport and joint cooperation and the preparation and training of national cadres and the number of 100 trainees annually to manage the tanker fleet for the coming period.
For his part, said spokesman Assem Jihad, the load of this shipment of two million barrels and the tanker company to load and transport to the United States in favor of a company contracted with the Oil Marketing Company, stressing that the company recently received tanker certificates of quality (ISO), an important step of the Ministry to activate these The company and converting it from a losing company to a profitable company by activating the activity of transporting oil derivatives and crude oil.
Source: Twilight News