Adam Montana

Look, I can only keep doing this for so long … most likely that time is coming to an end.

And I am stoked about moving to the next phase of this ride!

Have you seen the news about HCL?

Have you noticed how laser focused Abadi is, on so many things?

That guy is a MACHINE!

The party is getting prepped!

Heck…some of the stuff I’m seeing from the GURUS is starting to mimic a bit of what I am personally hearing from my contacts in Iraq and in the financial world.

THAT kind of situation is amazing!

In fact, there’s a lot of talk about APRIL being “the month”…

I am not going to confirm that I am feeling that same thing, but it’s not out of the running.

We are seeing INCREDIBLE movement right now, both in the public news sector and also in the private channels I use.

The bottom line…is that we are playing in a BIG playground and the IQD is poised to be a BIG deal worldwide!

I’m currently about as excited as I have ever been about this situation!

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Nikkei plunges to its lowest level in four months

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