Adam Montana

There’s one name in particular that I’m happy to see in the news: Abadi.

Anyone who’s been in this for more than a couple years has seen the amazing progress that’s come about since Maliki got the boot and Abadi came stomping in with the big boy pants on!

The GOI was revamped, decluttered, and streamlined.

Parliament picked up the pace and got a lot of things done that were simply not happening under the previous administration, and now:

1. Abadi confirms he’s planning on running for a second term. I see this as a shoe-in, no-brainer, it will happen, DONE. (Yes, we are going to hear some noise from the Maliki Camp, I say…ignore it).

2. Abadi is working hard towards full IMF and basically global support, and the fruits are coming.

Mosul’s east begins to bustle but healing a long way off

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