Adam Montana

Well, it’s that time of year… Ramadan is in full swing and although there’s plenty to be watchful of – my opinion is that we won’t be seeing an RV during Ramadan. This Ramadan could prove to be an interesting one… as the votes from the recent elections continue to come in, keep in mind that nothing ever gets done “on time” in Iraq (not even Ramadan, which starts late this year…), and we can probably expect some recounts on the recent elections.

Abadi may not retain power, which will provide some interesting opportunities in the RV world – there would be a better way for a fresh face to put their Name in the history books and on every headline in the world than by spearheading a long-overdue revaluation of their currency, right?!  In spite of Ramadan and a potentially huge change in the political world of Iraq, there is still plenty of positive activity. I won’t belabor the issue, but instead will remain watchful and see how things pan out…Stay positive, friends!

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