Abadi’s re-election campaign cost reached $27 mln – Politician


Iraqi prominent politician Sadiq al-Mousawi revealed on Friday that the Iraqi Prime Minister Hiader al-Abadi’s re-election campaign’s costs have reached over 28 million US dollars.

Mousawi asserted that Raban Al-Safina Corporate Group head Saadi Wahib has sponsored Abadi’s electoral list with over 28 US dollars.

He added that another MP has paid 3.5 million US dollar in a relatively small district, noting that this means he paid 100 US dollars to each voter.

Mousawi stressed that Abadi said before that his Victory Coalition doesn’t sponsor his candidates as he relies on his victory over ISIS as an electoral incentive to convince Iraqis to vote for him.

Mousawi further stated that despite Abadi’s claim, citizens assert that Baghdad’s streets have many posters of Abadi since his establishment of Victory Coalition.

Source: The Baghdad Post

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