Abadi told a delegation from the World Bank: Iraq will be a shining example in the region


Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi discussed this morning with a high-level delegation from the World Bank, the distinguished cooperation between the World Bank and the Iraqi government and its support for its reform and development programs, in particular supporting the housing project and activating the results of the Kuwait conference for the reconstruction of Iraq.

“He expressed his appreciation for the confidence of the World Bank in the Iraqi government and welcome him to the delegation that is visiting Iraq in light of the transition from a break-up phase to reconstruction in liberated areas and all provinces,” Abadi said.

“What is happening in Kuwait is a global demonstration to express confidence in Iraq and is optimistic that Iraq will be a shining example in the region,” he said.

For his part, World Bank Vice President Ghanem Hafez expressed his “pride in partnership with Iraq, stressing the confidence of the World Bank and the international community in the Iraqi government and admiration for its economic policies that will lead to further economic growth.”

“The World Bank aims to work with the Iraqi government to achieve reconstruction and increase growth in all provinces of Iraq and provide thousands of jobs for young people.”

Source: AIN

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