Abadi: Iraq has overcome the economic crisis left by the fall in oil prices


rime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said that Iraq has overcome the economic crisis caused by the drop in oil prices in 2014.

Abadi said in an interview with a number of local satellite channels and his “Economic News”, “Iraq sells its oil at a price of 62 dollars during the current days, although the cost of oil production fixed, which affected the volume of expenditures,” noting that “some political parties formed an economic committee And began to take shares of enterprises, which is considered a gain is illegal. ”

He added that “Iraq created a ground for the work of international companies, which has become a desire of Japanese companies to invest in Iraq,” explaining that “the next battle is construction, reconstruction and investment, and must maintain security to facilitate the work of investors.”

He pointed out that “the reforms we have launched include the suspension of pensions for officials who receive 80% of the total salary and allowances,” noting that “Iraq for the first time began to benefit from gas associated with production, which contributes to reducing environmental pollution.”

He pointed out that “Iraq encourages the growth of small and medium enterprises through the granting of loans to them, which is reflected positively on the economy,” pointing out that “small and medium-sized companies will create hundreds of thousands of jobs, which reduces the rates of unemployment and poverty.

Source: Economy News

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