Abadi al-Awadi, demanding an end to the US presence in Iraq

It demanded an MP for the coalition of state law Firdaus al – Awadi, Monday, General Commander of the Armed Forces , Haider al – Abadi Prime Minister to end the US presence in Iraq, while calling for a review of military alliances Iraq.
She said Al – Awadi, said that ” the events that have passed on Iraq,Syria and the region had to be on Iraq to reconsider the military Pthalvath and private alliance fragile with the United States , which hurt Iraq often supported Daesh logistically and morally and media and has worked to prolong the battle in favor of Daesh worked to weaken Iraq and weaken Syria in favor of Israel . ” .
She added, ” The battles fought by Iraq , made clear from the friendly countries of Iraq and is keen for his safety, but not the United States , which all indications are that it was preparing to make a new terrorist system alternative to Daesh and with the help of the same countries from which this organization which is Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and some Gulf countries . ” .
She called al – Awadi , the Prime Minister to “end to the US presence in Iraq , which exceeded the limits of the experts and began to take the form of occupation to build military bases and increase the number of non – military experts.”