4th Batch of Czech L-159 Jets Arrive in Iraq

BAGHDAD — The Iraqi government has received the fourth batch of Czech-made L-159 fighter jets which consisted of two more aircrafts.

Iraqi air force officer Ahmed Hassan confirmed the report and stated that the new delivery was handed over to the Iraqi authorities in Balad Airbase, Salahaddin province.

Czech Republic has so far delivered eight warplanes to Iraq.

The third shipment has arrived in Iraq last December when also a group of Czech commanders visited the airbase where Iraqi pilots receive trainings on piloting the L-159 fighter jets.

Iraq has ordered 15 L-159 fighter jets from Czech Republic according to a contract signed between the two countries. Czech Defense Ministry spokesperson Petr Medek said on July 31, 2016, that a Czech military personnel will be operating in Iraq since August 1st in order to continue with the training of the Iraqi Air Force personnel for the Czech-made L-159 combat aircraft.