$200 Million Loan to Peshmerga Already Approved by US: Kurdish Official

The United States has approved a loan to the Iraqi government from which $200 million will be granted to Kurdistan Region’s Peshmerga Ministry, said a Kurdish official.

“The [financial] assistance is part of a 2016 agreement between the US and Iraq, according to which Washington provides $2.7 billion to the Iraqi army,” said Hazhar Omer, head of Department of Relations at the ministry.

He noted that the designated share for the Kurdistan Region is to train and equip two Peshmerga brigades.

A Kurdish lawmaker in the Iraqi parliament previously noted that the fund is not going through Baghdad, but it will rather be delivered to Erbil directly.

Jabbar Yawar, the Peshmerga Ministry Secretary-Genera told BasNews earlier in May that the loan is said to be long-term with free interests.

Source: BasNews

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