13 IS Militants Killed in Western Anbar Province

13 Islamic State (IS) militants were killed by a military operation of al-Jazeera Operations Command forces in Anbar province on Sunday, a source from the command said.

“Intelligence information enabled the Iraqi army and al-Jazeera Operations to destroy a camp belonging to the IS organization, killing at least 13 terrorists and the destroyed three car bombs and a truck carrying fuel,” the source told BasNews

The ground operation also resulted in dismantling three wells in the desert of Thamel north of Rawa town in western Anbar,” the source said, noting that the wells would provide the militants with water in the western regions of Anbar.

The source pointed out that the military operation further resulted in cutting the supply route used by the militants between Rawa and Anna in western Anbar.

The IS militants are still holding a few towns in western Anbar province near the Syrian border.

Source: BasNews

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