Trump shocked Merkel and why?

BAGHDAD / Sky Press:

The US president’s remarks came back, Donald Trump, the controversial to the world stage, after demanding Germany pay the costs of what he called the protection offered by US states to Germany, which, following a meeting with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Trump said that “the meeting was good despite the fact that Germany, the city of NATO funds of money, and must be paid to the United States high protection provided by Germany, which costs.”

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has appeared in Almtvajih and distraught image, when he tried to US President Donald Trump, the launch of a joke to suggest that one of the common things between him and Merkel, is that the Obama administration eavesdropped on them.

According to the newspaper “The Guardian” Trump said this joke “inappropriate”, during a press conference which appeared publicly the features of the strained relationship between him and the German Chancellor.

Merkel could not nicknamed the “Iron Lady”, hide amazed when Trump alluded to the “shared their experience in monitoring the previous government of the two,” Vhmlguet and remained with her eyes staring at the American president, and it seems the feeling of shock.

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