SassyD: Iraqi Day  @iraqi_day 5h5 hours ago The first 3 to fall in the heated political season. Basra, Salah Al-din and Anbar governors have been sacked/ resigned due to corruption. —

Xyz: cbi: He also stressed that there is no economic renaissance there with?out an effective and solid banking sector. Where the Governor called ?on all banks to highlight their achievements in the media to create co?nfidence in the hearts of citizens, especially that all banks

Xyz: Central Bank: Conditions of the International Monetary Fund aims to re?form Iraq’s economy

The governor of the Central Bank, Ali Alalak, that the economy of Ira?q can not rise without the existence of a real banking sector and effe?ctive, stressing that the conditions of the International Monetary Fun?d aims to reform the economy.

He pointed out that “the Iraqi economy exceeded the difficult stage and that the IMF’s recent report on the financial situation of Iraq was positive,” stressing that “the conditions of the International Monetary Fund aims to reform Iraq’s economy by controlling expenditures and revenue.”

Xyz:  Deep Bank source: Tomorrow a meeting between private banks and the cen?tral bank to discuss the instructions of the currency window

Xyz:  PM Invites French Firms for “Mega Investment Opportunities”

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