OldCrow: Has there been anything more about exiting from Ch 7?

Walksfar: I  have seen several news sites saying they have exited Ch7…including on aljezera and

RVAlready: They have exited chapter 7. Abadi said so.

Old Crow: I guess what I meant was are they now officially Ch 8 compliant? On that I have seen naught but hopes.

RvAlready: They are free of sanctions – exited chapter 7. They do not need to enter chapter 8 to RV….They can RV today if they want.

Yada:    Agreed rvalready


Kue911:  When the RV goes down we should all remember never spend your money. Spend your money’s money. If you do this you will have generational wealth.

Xy:  imf: “International Monetary” calls on Iraq to share its bud?get with Kurdistan Directors believed that the peg to the US dollar, which is the corner?stone of the economy, remains an appropriate system.

Harambe:  Reuters: ?Iraq’s Kurds stick to independence vote despite U.S. request to postpone it


Shybaby:  Trump to hold ” pretty big ” press conference in DC Monday

The Latest: Trump to hold press conference in DC Monday

By Associated Press August 11 at 6:50 PM

WASHINGTON — The Latest on the exchange of threats between the U.S. and North Korea (all times EDT):

6:30 p.m.

President Donald Trump says he’s planning a press conference Monday in Washington— though it’s unclear what he plans to discuss.

Trump has been out of Washington all week for an extended working vacation at his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf course. He’s set to return to Washington for a brief visit Monday.

Trump tells reporters he has a “very important meeting” scheduled along with a “pretty big” press conference. But he’s sharing no other details.

The White House is currently undergoing a significant renovation as crews work to replace the heating and air conditioning system and make other repairs.


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