Lena: Good morning to all. I don’t understand how some say there is nothing else to do yet there all ways seems like Iraq is needing to go though another hurdle. Then they go through that and then there is another hurdle. Perhaps I’m just missing something.

IslandGurl: HiYa Lena: Yes, My Dear….You are missing someting! This is called a “Process!” Did you get that? Something(s) is/are always missing…Until…BAM in your face…..they understand exactly what they are doing and saying.

It is the Plan of the Enemy to confuse the Masses. I have chosen not to be part of the Mass. If you Understand this Process, you will come to realize that your part…my part is to wait patiently on the “Process” to roll out. And it will…not according to your timetable or mine but theirs….just be encouraged…It is happening!

This journey has been a long and hard one for all of US but the paygrade is so much higher or bigger than we’ve worked in this lifetime.

PaulW:  Good morning TNT, I think we should all sit tight and see what Trump and Abadi discuss at meetings today.?i think it will be very telling as to our future.

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-19-17

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