Timothy: Does anyone know the math on the zim ? heard on the big call (Bruce) that he said a rate of 2$ so what would the 100 trillion be worth?

Sabickford:  Timothy Depends on how many zereo’s being removed. No Zeros removed $200,000,0000,0000,0000 – 6 Zeros removed $2000,000,000 We won’t know till we get there

Pearle:  call me stubborn but without the zeros off it makes no sense

SexyChocolate:  To my understanding. if you exchange early you will have 6 zeros taken off, with a low rate like .03, If you wait for the 800 numbers no zeros will be taken off.

USNavy65:  IMO, they’ll either take 6 zeros off the zim or the rate will have 6 zeros added in front of the first digit. And they are the same thing.

Mauirt:  Dinar was always the Sure thing per Libration of Iraq …those others were always Specolation

Yada:  the zim we hold and to be exchanged will not be used again, it is like the 25k dinar notes, just being exchanged,,,zimbabwe already has another currency in circulation they are using now,,,one reason why is when the currency was taken down, many had accounts with this currency in banks, this gives them a chance to redeem their accounts in the exchange.

Judy Byington

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