Harambe: AP News: For Zimbabwe’s Mugabes, marriage is political and personal

Tishwash:  Finance: Talks with the IMF successfully meeting Washington will announce agreements with the support of the Iraqi economy

BAGHDAD / Press tomorrow:

Finance Minister Abdul Razzaq al-Essa, the success of the talks with the IMF regarding the support of Iraq, noting that the next meeting in Washington will announce the results of the agreements to support Iraq economically. 

Issa said in a statement received “Tomorrow’s Press,” that “Iraq talks with the IMF has seen a great success,” stressing that “the next meeting in Washington will announce the results of agreements in support of the development of the Iraqi economy.”

He met with a delegation representing some economic organizations and a number of businessmen as representatives of the Iraqi private sector with the delegation of the International Monetary Fund, in the Jordanian capital, Amman, for the purpose of discussing a number of important topics, and perhaps the most important launch dues of contractors and suppliers late and farmers paid by the Iraqi government and the ways to solve this problem and the approval of the international Monetary Fund to provide a loan to Iraq in order to pay off arrears.

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