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Video reveals Syria trains, funds ISIS terrorists in Iraq

Dozens of ISIS terrorists have been trained and funded by Syrian intelligence service, a video circulated on social media revealed on Sunday.

The terrorists sneaked into Iraqi territories with the help of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, according to the footage obtained by The Baghdad Post.

First lieutenant Fadi Abdallah of the Syrian intelligence said his role was to “train and fund terrorists in Iraq to carry out certain tasks”.

“I got orders to slaughter spies and traitors, my aim was to unite Syria and Iraq,” Abdallah said.

He added that the Syrian intelligence used to get the ransoms they received from their hostages’ families.

He also stressed that they convinced people to join ISIS through giving them money.

Another militant from Mosul, who converted into Islam, confessed he killed and slaughtered a lot of victims. He also carried out a series of bombings.

Another militant from Sudan said he killed 20 Iraqis, six National Guards personnel and members of Iraqi police.

Source: The Baghdad Post

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