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Iraq police resume operations to surround “Grand Nouri” mosque in Mosul

Iraqi Federal Police on Monday resumed their operations to surround the Grand Mosque of al-Nouri in western Mosul.

In a press statement on Monday, Commander of the Federal Police Forces Lt. Gen. Raed Shaker Jawdat said Iraqi special troops units and Rapid Intervention Forces resumed their progress to surround the Grand Mosque of al-Nouri. The troops pushed deep some 100 meters from the eastern side of the old city of Mosul, while other units moved some 200 meters from the western side of the city near Bab el-Baydh neighborhood.

The advancing troops killed 36 ISIS militants and destroyed 13 booby-trapped vehicles, he added.

Jawdat also pointed out that the Iraqi forces are making a cautious progress in the old city of Mosul to safeguard the lives of civilians, noting that the Iraqi forces are mainly depending on drones and special operatives to target ISIS position in the densely-populated city.

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