Coup in Zimbabwe: A win-win for China for now

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Robert Mugabe resigns after 37 years as Zimbabwe’s leader

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has resigned after 37 years as leader of the southern African nation, finally … Read More

Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe resigns

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has resigned, parliament speaker Jacob Mudenda has said.

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Iraqi banks’ capital rises by 16%

The Central Bank of Iraq increased the capital of banks operating in Iraq during the year 2000 … Read More


Samson: Forex ETS to Expedite Iran’s Plans for Rate Unification

21st November, 2017

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KTFA Monday Night Conference Call 11-20-17

The first part is Business Promo and the second part is … Read More

Under the pressure of the religious institution … Iraqi-Iranian-American agreement to turn the page of al-Maliki forever

Special / Secrets Media

A source in the ruling National Alliance in Iraq, the existence of a … Read More

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Kaperoni Moderator Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) News
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You can’t begin to believe how many phone calls, emails that I received Monday … Read More


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