Samson: Parliament votes on the amended budget bill for the year 2017

24th July, 2017

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Monday’s call is at 1:00 PM, Eastern. This week’s outlook is…..??? – RAYREN98

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Iran gets more involved in Iraq militarily

Iran and Iraq on Sunday signed deals aimed at boosting military cooperation during a visit by Baghdad’s … Read More

Iraqi PM Abadi: Hashd al-Shaabi is from us and we are from them

The Iraqi prime minister described the Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi as a neutral party and said it was … Read More

Iraqi Army Won’t Interfere in Political Issues, Kurdistan Independence: Minister

Iraq’s Defense Minister Irfan Hayali said on Monday that the country’s armed forces will not interfere in … Read More

Iraqi army starts operations to retake ISIS-held Tal Afar

Spokesman for Iraqi Defense Ministry said Monday an offensive to recapture Tal Afar has started.

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IS evacuates headquarters in Tal Afar due to doubts over people cooperation with security

Islamic State have evacuated many of its main headquarters in Tal Afar town, west of Mosul, a … Read More


Economy News “…publishes the amendment of the Financial Budget Act of 2017 Published “Economy News” Law amending … Read More


Yada: Friday we read the ultimatum the IMF gave and pushing up of the scheduled meeting of … Read More


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