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chattels: Mattis told reporters before … Read More

Warnings against the mortgage of Iraqi oil against the payment of debts

An economic expert warned Antoine on Tuesday of allowing loan donors to control Iraq’s oil by pledging … Read More

Urging residents to choose to join their ranks or pay $ 500

A leader of the Anbar province, Abdullah al-Jughifi, said on Tuesday that criminal gangs have called on … Read More

Iran: 5 days to enrich uranium to the level of nuclear weapons

Baghdad News –

TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iran will need only five days … Read More

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 8-22-17

8-22-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 We believe that there was an activation of ATM’s with lower denominations today … Read More

Iraqi Dinar/US Dollar auction results 8-22-17

The results of the foreign currency sale window on Wednesday 23 – 8-2017, which comes on Tuesday … Read More


They are pegged to the USD and if they are to get equal cash balance for for … Read More

Exchange rate of the dollar in Iraqi banks and markets (Tuesday, 22 August 2017)

Exchange rate of the dollar in Iraqi banks

US $ 1 =

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Gold prices today (Tuesday, 22 August 2017)

The average price of gold today with money markets in Iraq in Iraqi dinar

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Minister urges Japan to increase investment in VN

Indirect investment from Japan into Vi?t Nam remain relatively modest compared to the potential of Japan and … Read More