Article: “Officer says army took over Mosul’s Old City entrance, IS trapped”

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Iraqi Dinar/US Dollar auction results 6-15-17

Results currency auction
Announcement No. (3466)

Opening Offers buying and selling foreign … Read More

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 6-15-17

6-15-2017 Intel Gurus Frank26 & Delta [What are they doing with the auctions?] We believe they are … Read More


Article: “The central bank prepares banks and transfer 25 million per month”

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People’s Dinar

MrsClassy: A stronger dollar index falling 16 months

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Mr.K  Frank and Family,   IMO

Just putting some thoughts out there but … Read More

Currency 365

1% left to go:


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Elmerf123456: “Just in from across the Pond” “The Caliphate” collapsing in Old City. Iraqi forces inside 4 … Read More


Samson: The arrest of a network of private individuals to “falsifying smart cards”

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[Do you think it will get out of this month?]

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