Central Trade calls to

Baghdad balances News………
Called on the central bank, Wednesday, the Ministry of Commerce to cancel 10 companies … Read More

Iraqi Dinar/US Dollar auction results 5-2-17

Results currency auction
Announcement No. (3433)

Opening Offers sale and purchase of foreign currency daily window of … Read More

Central Bank: No distinction between foreign and Iraqi banks and currency auction

[Oan- Baghdad]
denied the Central Bank of Iraq, there is no discrimination between foreign and Iraqi banks … Read More

What the central bank issued proceedings against contractors?

Central Bank announced on Thursday that the rate of interest for dues contractors in national bonds , … Read More

Central to sell 802 billion dinars from the National Bonds

Baghdad/balances News…………..
Iraqi Central Bank, announced Tuesday, for the sale of 802 billion dinars from the national … Read More

May 1 Iraq is going to be using the electronic system to wire/transfer money

There was an announcement that by May 1 Iraq is going to be using the electronic system … Read More

The government obliges banks to promote

Council of Ministers issued a decree required bank Rafidain and Rasheed promoting micro-credit transactions in accordance with … Read More

The central bank addresses for “money laundering” new measures

Governor of the Central Bank revealed on the Keywords, Sunday, all went to the bank to prepare … Read More

Currency Auction Results, 13th Apr

By John Lee.

The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has reported that 34 banks and 11 remittance … Read More

Central Bank: Auction currency sterilize the monetary mass massive

much talk raised on the sale of dollar window and drain it of hard currency in … Read More