Oil settles near the lowest level in seven months

Oil markets have stabilized near the lowest level in seven months on Tuesday as investors focused on

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US stocks continue to fall for the second week

It showed a preliminary Reuters survey, the US crude oil inventories are expected to have fallen for

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Gold prices today (Saturday, June 17, 2017)

The average price of gold today’s financial markets in Iraq, the Iraqi dinar

Unity Iraqi Dinar US

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Oil is approaching its lowest level in 2017 in Iraqi Market

Oil prices rose on Friday from the lowest level this year, with a reduction of some producers

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Bloomberg: Iraq is able to exceed Saudi Arabia and is the king of oil in the world for these reasons

Baghdad today – Follow-up

Iraq acquires at this stage, an advantage over Saudi Arabia being the fastest … Read More

Russia sits on the throne of oil and gas exporters

He confirmed the company “BP” British data, Russia has  maintained its position through 2016 as the largest

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High oil prices with Saudi Arabia’s exports drop

il prices rose with the start of trading on Tuesday, due to signs of declines in US … Read More

Stability Nikkei Stock

Instead, the Nikkei benchmark for shares of Japanese companies a large part of its earlier losses to

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Iraq Mulls Largest Sovereign

Iraq Mulls Largest Sovereign Oil-Hedging Deal, Topping Mexico

Iraq is mulling an oil hedging program to lock … Read More

Top 5 Things to Know in the Market on Tuesday

Here are the top five things you need to know in financial markets on Tuesday, May 23:… Read More