Silent killer American .. the most powerful laser weapons in the world

Washington / Agencies
The company «Lockheed Martin» US military said in a competent industry, it has recently completed the development of the laser system capacity up to 60 kW, saying that it is preparing for the time to be handed over to the US military to be the new weapon. According to the company, in a statement that it had conducted tests of the system developer laser, the beginning of this March, enabling the creation of an explosion it reached a magnitude of 58 kW, the highestnumber recorded by the laser weapon in the world.
He explained Robert Afzal, one of the senior officials from the laser and sensing techniques in «Lockheed Martin», that the system was developed, has shown its effectiveness, noting that it makes a sound low when compared with conventional weapons, and can be easily installed in military vehicles, land and sea attack and air, where the laser excels shipment offensive, at speed, on the bullets and rockets, as going the speed of light, it’s also achieve high accuracy in hitting targets. And it embarked several countries in the world, decades ago, on the development of laser weapons, but its high cost and the need for in-depth experiences, making a limited presence in the arms market.

Korea unveils space missile
In regard to the ongoing nuclear escalation , Pyongyang conducted a successful test of the engine was newly developed in Toizhang-ri province to launch rockets, described North Korean leader Kim Jong – un experience b »New Birthday» for the manufacture of missiles in the country.
The agency explained the North Korean news, that the engine will help the country to reach the global level in the satellite launch for space exploration.
He said online in a statement after the experiment supervised by: The «success of the experiment represents a major event because it announced a new rebirth of industry – based missiles at Gucci», and Gucci is the official creed of Korea, noting that his country was on the verge of a test launch of intercontinental ballistic missile.
This experience coincided with a tour by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson included South Korea, Japan and China in order to send a warning «strong» to North Korea.
The United States and China pledged to work together to make North Korea pursue a «different approach» and abandon armed programs after meeting US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi. For his part , Chinese President Xi Ping , Foreign Minister of the American Rex Tillerson announced their willingness to work together for the convergence of their countries, Ping said, «We have to make more joint efforts to push the US Chinese cooperation forward, stressing his confidence that the relationship between the two countries« can walk in the right direction » . In the description of «Putin» and the weightings American meeting , the Russian term took place features, which did not seek any of the two sides to start the first step of his contract, US President Donald Trump described his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to «political steel , which does not break», and answered Trump in an interview with Al «Fox News» b «two words» to describe the Russian president , saying: «I am not on a personal knowledge of Mr Putin, but I am fully convinced that the heart is difficult to break, I’m not aware of what was done by Putin to Russia, but we will realize that in one day» as he put it . It should be noted that President Putin has already considered that those who are trying to fish in troubled waters of the Nile and the reputation of his American counterpart Trump, «are worse than prostitutes», as described. Visit Egyptian and in the context of the initial visits of heads of state continue to meet with US President in Washington , Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al- Sisi is the first official visit to Washington early next April, in response to the invitation of his US counterpart , Donald Trump. Egyptian newspaper Al – Ahram said that the two presidents are expected to hold important talks at the White House, on ways of strengthening bilateral relations, and consultation in relation to the regional and international situation. The Trump Sisi and Hillary Clinton during his visit to the United States had met on the sidelines of meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations last September during the presidential election campaign of US. The Egyptian president held a meeting with Trump minutes at his residence in New York, said the then Republican candidate campaign in a statement: «Trump stressed the need to work with Egypt in order to defeat terrorism.

Laptops, tablets to be banned
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