Saudi Arabia sending troops

Advisor of Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Faysal Bin Farhan said that Saudi Arabia was not only willing to eradicate ISIS terrorists, but also to make sure that the ground that helped it come to surface in Syria does not exist in the future and to protect civilians from the Syrian regime and its Iranian allies.

In an interview with Fox News, Farhan said that Saudi Arabia is more ready to cooperate with US in eliminating ISIS terrorist from Iraq and Syria, noting that Saudi Arabia offered the Obama Administration to send troops to counter ISIS terrorist group in the region but its was not met with enthusiasm by the US Administration at that time.

Farhan pointed that the Saudi economy is much more stable and the vision of 2030 was outlined to take the kingdom away from depending on oil .

The new reforms will provide much more luxury lifestyle for the people as well to be much more respective for the human rights so that Saudi Arabia will be a good role model for the region.

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