Samurai: Officials Barzani party fled with their families outside Iraq

Baghdad / Sky Press

The military expert, Wafiq Samarrai, on Monday, the escape of officials and families of senior officials in Barzani party out of Iraq, considering that the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, acting as an external enemy by destroying bridges and the use of heavy weapons in the face of the armed forces.

“The information from Salah al-Din Resort reveals a state of panic inthe escape of the officials and families of senior officials of Massoud Party out of Iraq and other areas,” Samarrai said in a post posted on Facebook.

Al-Samarrai pointed out that “moves and maneuvers and the redeployment of troops and the absence of serious (negotiation) opportunities point to a great anticipated action. We say negotiation, not dialogue, because Massoud acts as an external enemy by destroying bridges and using heavy weapons in the face of the armed forces.”

“In view of the data and the monitoring of the behavior of the government and the leadership of operations, the industry has become a very predictable and very imminent situation that has not caused any changes or pressures to prevent it. The government initiated payment of Sulaymaniyah salaries first and quickly and opened its airport in coordination with the administration of the province and the security forces, the National Union and Goran and the Islamic Group.

“The Kurdish brothers deserve a better life without Massoud, and deserve the support of all of Iraq to rid them of the disease of policy and tyranny of the ruler, they began to save the families of employees and financial institutions.”

Source: skypressiq

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