The rise in oil exports and revenues for the month of March

The Oil Ministry announced on Thursday, for a slight increase in the total exported quantities of crude oil and revenue earned for the month of March compared to last February, indicating that the amount of exports amounted to 101 million barrels, with earnings of $ 766 million and Arbahmilirat.

A spokesman for the Oil Ministry, Assem Jihad, in a statement, said that “the total exported quantities of crude oil last March of the oil fields in central and southern Iraq reached 99 million and 500 thousand barrels of revenues amounted to (4 billion and 697 million dollars), in while the total exports from the Kirkuk oil (1) million and 500 thousand barrels earnings of $ ($ 69 million). ”

Jihad said that “the price per barrel average (47.188) dollars,” noting that “the quantities exported have been downloaded by 32 international companies from different nationalities from the ports of Basra and Khor al-Amaya and buoys unilateralism on the Gulf and Turkish port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean.”

Source: waradana

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