PM Abadi’s Media Office

Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi received in his office on Sunday the ambassadors of major industrialised nations (G7) with UN representative Mr. Jan Kubiš.

The ambassadors expressed their countries full support for Iraq in the financial crisis as a result of the collapse in oil prices and to find ways and alternatives and solutions to overcome them and to provide resilience for the Iraqi economy.

They also renewed their support for Iraq in its war against terrorism and expressed their congratulations on the victories achieved against the terrorist gangs.

They also voiced their backing for the reforms carried out by the Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi and support for them through the provision of expertise to Iraq and training of Iraqi cadres.

Dr. Al-Abadi said that as Iraq is going through these challenges and difficult circumstances there is an opportunity to restructure the Iraqi economy to make it more efficient through the increasing its sources of revenue, and that we started the basic requirements for reform in order to build a state of institutions not just the goal of overcoming the crisis but to build a sound and healthy economy for the Iraqi state to move forward with.

Prime Minister’s Media Office

8 February 2016



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