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??MrsClassy: Iraq: Negotiations to resolve the file of compensation

August 12, 2017 in Iraq News

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi revealed on-going negotiations with Kuwait to resolve the file of compensation, which is the last item that hinders the exit of Iraq from Chapter VII of the United Nations.

Abadi said in a press conference that Iraq to resolve the file of oil for food with the United Nations left nothing to hinder his release from the seventh item, but the Iraqi compensation owed to the State of Kuwait.

He added, there is now negotiations with Kuwait in this area has been discussed the subject during my recent visit to Kuwait.

He continued a Kuwaiti delegation came to Iraq for this purpose as there is now an Iraqi delegation to discuss the same subject and expressed his hope to resolve the file and complete it completely to emerge Iraq from Chapter VII absolutely.

Abadi did not disclose the details of those negotiations and their results, nor did he mention the nature of the delegations currently negotiating them.

MrsClassy:   Abadi sure wanting to get the file with Kuwait, taken care of,,Hummmmm!

Pacificpalm:   my path is focused on:   1 USD = 0.302308 KWD  ?   Kuwaiti Dinar1 KWD = 3.30788 USD

MrsClassy:   One other thought, I truly believe, with the way the banking has came around, it is at the stage, to where it was when Shabibi, left off, He wanted, Street vendors out of the, mix,  SHABIBI was headed right before a move with the currency….so that citizens don’t get taken advantage of.

It makes me think of how the currency ex changers, were taking advantage of people, on the reserve route. Its coming together, I know soon is not soon enough. Been a long hard road, I betcha we are going to come out winners!

I think if we all pause a moment and think back to where we was, and to where we are now, we are grateful from the heart, and our paths have changed. We now have a focused path, and know the direction we will go.

Two Rivers: high turnout for our branches by citizens to provide banking services
Last updated: August 12th – 2017 11:29

Baghdad / News Network Iraq confirmed Rafidain Bank on Saturday that its branches in Baghdad and the provinces have achieved the quality and demand boom wide by citizens to provide banking services to Hm.oukal media office of the bank in a statement today that “its branches have seen popular and highly popular ,

especially after the launch of advances and loans as well as loans for housing and wishing to purchase residential units in the complex Basmajh construction loans on a plot of land of up to fifty meters.

” The statement added that ” the bank granting SME loans and auto loans also announced the sale of official dollar Baltsairh and other services provided to the citizen.”


MrsClassy:    that is why I did not say to much about the Grand Announcement of Abadi, there still in negotiations with Kuwait, Im hearing an agreement has been reached, Guess we will see!

Floridian:    What?  We saw a video where he announced they were OUT of Chapter VII.  Now this article says they are still in it? Oh man!  What to believe?  I just noticed this.  They were out, but not “absolutely”.   How ridiculous!     “to emerge Iraq from Chapter VII absolutely.”

Floridian:    This must also be the “secret” **** ***** is keeping from his group until the next conference call.    Such unnecessary intrigue!

MrsClassy:    Floridian,  Its going to be OK my friend, they just needed a little more posturing, kind of like Barzani, hes saving the best cards for last, great bargaining power, We’re close.

Pacificpalm:    Nothing Nothing                      SOMETHING ! ! ! ! !

Depdog:    As Iraq turns… the soga continues.  Tune in tomorrow for another episode, but we dont what it will be.  To take guess I believe it has something to do with a very wore out can and a foot.


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