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Islamic State brings down flags, evacuates members from Qaim, near Syrian borders

Islamic State has evacuated its members and leaders … Read More

The Baghdad Post

Iraqi forces purge Aiqtisadiiyn, 17 Tamuz neighborhoods from terrorists

Federal police units have completed the push to completely liberate the … Read More


[Is it looking very possible for the RV before Ramadon IYHO?]

Doesn’t really matter that much about Ramadan.

Ramadan is … Read More


Article: “Iraq confirms its ability to repay financial debt”

IMO big news here…ability to repay debt…because of credit improvement…they are … Read More


The United Nations Security Council is set to hold a session about the situation of Iraq on Monday, May 22, … Read More


OldCrow: The RV will happen when Iraq and the world organizations are ready. Not before. We do not know the … Read More


Re: Article – Experts: float the currency needs to be a productive economy and not Rieia

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Chat Room – News Excerpts & Highlights

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