By order of Trump .. America bombed 59 rockets on Syria

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launched the US military, at dawn on Friday .59 Tomahawks from US Navy destroyers at the military airport capillaries [Ttiyas, southeast of the city of Homs, central Syria.
A Pentagon spokesman, Jeff Davis, said that among the targets aircraft and air defense systems.
He told reporters: “These missiles targeting aircraft and aircraft hangars and fortified areas to store fuel and supplies are logistics and ammunition stores, systems and radar air defense.”
He added that the US military is already the most dangerous Russian troops Bdharbath on the Syrian air base, and did not bombard parts of the al – Qaeda is believed to be present where Russian military.
Davis said that the US military had “several” conversations with Russian troops, on Thursday, before the strike using a line of communication was established earlier to prevent accidental engagement in Syria during the battle against the organization “Daesh”.
The US military reported that the strike caused severe damage at the airport, which is believed to be launched from it chemical rockets , which affected Khan Xinhua, destroyed Syria ‘s infrastructure and support aircraft, and equipped military base capillaries.
The network said “NBC News” News of America This missile strikes came from US warships in the Mediterranean cut in response to ” the Syrian government ‘s use of chemical weapons.”
Published by the US Defense Department shows a video of the process of rocket fire from the destroyer “USS Porter” Towards the IPL airport.
In this context, the US Department of Defense confirmed today, directing the missile strike to a military airfield belonging to the Syrian armed forces in Homs province.
A Pentagon spokesman said he “was launched dozens of rockets of the type” Tomahawk “on the continued Syrian army airport in one fell swoop.” He said that the US forces fired approximately 60 rockets of the type mentioned on several targets at the airport.
The Pentagon also confirmed that the United States informed the Russian military before the strike in Soeria.aly, the US defense official said the US strike with cruise missiles in Syria on Friday , “individual” which means that it is expected to be a single blow and not be there current plans to escalate.
The official said he believed that the strike does not indicate a significant change in the focus of US President on Donald Trump ‘s internal affairs.

(Source: alliraqnews)

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