Oil prices rise after sharp losses

Oil prices recovered some recovered on Thursday after sharp losses in the previous session, after Kuwait said

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Low US oil inventory level

American Petroleum Institute confirmed the decline in oil inventories in the United States over the past week,

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Oil falls slightly in quiet trading

Contracts crude oil futures prices fell Monday, slightly in trading was calm after a holiday on the … Read More

Saudi Arabia confirms the return to the oil market balance

CEO of Saudi Aramco, Nasser Amin said at a summit of Columbia University Energy, said that the … Read More

Iraqi Police Discovers Illegal

Iraqi security forces on Thursday discovered a pipeline which was used to illegally transport crude from Baghdad … Read More

LUKOIL completes 3D Seismic Survey at West Qurna-2

Russia’s LUKOIL has reported that it has completed a field 3D seismic survey at West Qurna-2 fieldRead More

Iraq plans to export about 3.22 million barrels per day

Trade sources said on Thursday that Iraq plans to export about 3.22 million barrels per day of … Read More

Jeweler holds the Gulf states the responsibility of low oil prices

He favored oil expert Hamza jeweler, Thursday, oil prices above $ 60 a barrel end of this … Read More

High oil prices of $ for 63

Recorded oil prices Wednesday, rising crude oil prices above the $ 63 per barrel.

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Interview with BP Iraq

The CWC Group’s Director, Nawar Abdulhadi interviews Mr Zaid Elyaseri, Iraq Country Manager, BP Iraq ahead Read More