Peshmerga fighters relics in the museum to remember their sacrifice

ERBIL— A museum for the relics of the Peshmerga fighters martyred in the battle against the Islamic State (IS) opened in Barzan district in the Kurdistan Region.

To keep the memory of the Peshmerga who lost their lives in the fight against the IS organization, a museum containing the remaining belongings of those Peshmerga opened by the Directorate of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs in Barzan.

The collected possessions of Peshmerga kept in the museum include military uniforms, daggers, bags, blankets, mobile phones, watches, boots, bids, knives and so on.

Rebwar Ramazan, the Head of the directorate, said the foreign delegations, while visiting the museum, will witness the tremendous sacrifices Peshmerga have made for defending their homeland and independence.