Mosul Dam is not threatened by drowning .. up Iraqi areas 3 meters

It is reported that the incident Iraqi areas on the banks of the Euphrates River are threatened by flooding water at a height of 3 meters by the imminent collapse of the river to fill a huge inside Syria.
Iraq faces the challenges of the maintenance of the Mosul Dam , which is also in danger of collapse for technical reasons in the upbringing because of the fragile soil on which the body of the dam in the mid – eighties of the last century.
Iraq has signed a contract with a group [TREVI] worth 273 million euros [$ 296 million] for the restoration and repair of Mosul Dam over 18 months.
A public institution to meet the Euphrates in Syria , director of the star Saleh, said that the dam “suffered significant damage as a result of the raids on the international coalition Daesh, threatening life in full form in the provinces of Raqqa and Deir al – Zour, reaching inside Iraq.”
He added , the disaster has already started, the control rooms collapsed, a catastrophic situation, should the United States immediately stop, and must find a way to introduce the band a quick rescue to try to address what can be remedied . Otherwise , the disaster will happen inevitably. ”
The length of the Euphrates Dam 4500 meters, up more than sixty meters, and is formed behind him a large lake 80 kilometers and width of 8 kilometers long and holding the amount of water amounting to 14 billion cubic meters.
In the case of the collapse of the dam, the water will immerse Raqqa height up to 15 meters, and the province of Deir al – Zour , up to about 4 meters, in addition to flooded parts of Iraq , up to about 3 meters.
Damascus has warned that the Euphrates Dam in the class city , which is trying to [Syria ‘s democratic forces] Arab Kurdish ones to control it, is in danger of collapse due to blows the international coalition, which could lead to a humanitarian and economic disaster reaches its impact to Iraq.
Syrian troops bombarded with missiles land – the land of my neighborhood Qaboun and Jobar east of Damascus in conjunction with the continued fighting in the countryside of Hama.
the terrorist gangs Daesh , who seizes Sud- the Euphrates dam is in danger of imminent collapse due to air strikes and the high water level, and he stopped working was closed all flood openings.
The dam located on the Euphrates River , about forty kilometers from the stronghold Daesh in Raqqa is the largest dam in Syria.
Forces are trying to [Syrian democracy] control over the dam since last Friday.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, it learned from its own sources that the dam has stopped working but Daesh still controls the operating systems and power generators.

(Source: alliraqnews)

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