Mnt Goat

From article, CBI dated November 28, 2014,  “The governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mr.Ali Al-Allaq, has declared on Tuesday that the green light was given to execute the file of zero deletion from the currency, and he confirmed that finishing the managing matters for this file will take two years. He also pointed that the bank has started preparing samples for the new currency.”

So 2 years from 2014 is late 2016.

Just another indication they were targeting EARLY 2017.

We also know from this article there is a new currency coming out.

They are going to replace the larger 3 zero notes with smaller denominations and coins, but this will be a slow conversion and not what many think as 1 triggered event.

Believe me when the lower denoms begin to come out you will know it.

There will be no guessing or assuming.

When there is any significant change in the currency value you will know it…

Adam Montana

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