Mahdi Keywords: government directed to support investors

Baghdad / Al- Sabah
expressed the Secretary – General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Keywords for the government ‘s intention to reform the vocabulary regulations and laws related to investment to maximize state resources, enabling investors to carry out investment projects in general and housing projects , in particular, to reduce the cost to the Iraqi citizen to enable him to own the property and contribute to solving the crisis of
housing. This came during the meeting , which was held in Baghdad ‘s guesthouse in the presence of Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Kazem al – Hassani and the representatives of the relevant authorities adviser of the State Shura and the ministries of the Council (Agriculture, Construction and Housing, Finance), in addition to investment and the Baghdad Municipality Authority and the Economic Council of Iraq and a number of Iraqi businessmen The Arabs, on the review of your system to sell and rent properties state and the public sector for investment purposes and leasing them. The meeting discussed «ways to improve the investment environment in various facets through the organization basis of determining the allowances for sale and estimate the value of rental properties and state land to investors or to determine the state ‘s revenues from established by the consulting projects, taking into consideration the foundation design of the cities and taboos».
Keywords stressed « the importance of activation of the investment business movement (economic, commercial, industrial, housing) to eliminate unemployment and restore life to domestic production». The meeting led to the need for the collection of proposals for evaluation work and come up with recommendations submitted to the cabinet for a vote.


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