Kurdish resident of Sulaymaniyah Youth Finds and Returns $160,000 to its owner after finding him on FB

Kurdish resident of Sulaymaniyah namely Masoud Sulaiman, 31, is a public servant
who return $160,000 to its owner after finding him on social media

SULAYMANIYAH — A Kurdish resident of Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan Region, on Wednesday this week found $160,000 in the marketplace and surprised the owner by returning the whole cash.

Masoud Sulaiman, 31, is a public servant. He told that on Wednesday evening he was shopping in a local store, a few seconds after leaving the place the shop owner notified him that he has left a bag in his store. “I went back and checked the bag, I found a huge amount of cash and pretended that it is actually mine,” Sulaiman explained.

He later contacts a group of his friends to announce the finding of some cash on their social media accounts, especially on Facebook as it is being widely used by Kurds.

“Many people called me afterwards, but none of them gave the right information about an ID card that I found in the bag,” Sulaiman stated.

Finally the social media announcements reached the right person who calls Sulaiman and gives correct information about the amount of the cash and ID cards. The two met on Thursday when Sulaiman handed over the money to its true owner.

Sulaiman later told that he is proud that the money finally was returned to the owner as he is a family member of a Peshmerga martyr who sacrificed his life for Kurdistan.

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